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The vehicles we use in transport are that of the latest generation, so that both you and your commodity may travel with us with comfort and safety. The vehicles are clean, equipped and always ready to respond to your call. There are plenty of materials for the protection and safety of the commodity we transport. The vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and navigation which contributes to finding any address in Serbia in a quick and efficient way.

In case your safety requires so, in terms of security or possible check of transport for any reason whatsoever, there is a possibility of recording the entire process of transport. The cameras used for these purposes are in colour, they have high resolution and the entire recording has time coverage. This may be useful if you wish to know where the goods or the vehicle was at a certain time and how it was handled. Considering all mentioned particularities and our serious attitude to work you may rest assured that the transport will be performed safely, at the exact time agreed and in a professional manner.

Our company was founded in 1996 in Belgrade and since then we have successfully provided transportation services. We perform transport on the entire territory of Serbia. Price of each transportation varies depending on multiple factors such as: distance between the loading and unloading place, quantity of belongings, number of tours etc.


Specific cargo

special load

Special load services include reliable and efficient transfer, loading, unloading and transportation of special load (safe, pianinos, cash-registers, Electric heaters etc.) by a comfortable van.

The equipment we use for removal services and transportation of furniture within the enclosed space is provided with mobile load-resistant rubber wheels, which are also floor-friendly and cause no damage to the foundation they tread on (laminate flooring, marble, tiles etc.).

We give our best to ensure high-level van transportation, special-load transfer as well as goods transportation.

Our attitude towards business and clients has resulted in numerous friendships and mutual confidence that is the basis for all serious dealings. We are fond of being accurate, reliable and meticulous. Even though it takes more time to carry out a particular business task, our goal is quality rather than speed. Due to that matter, people enjoy working with us and give references for us for the organization and the work done.

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