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"Removals Poljak" - No matter what you need to move, we'll help make sure your next move is a masterpiece, because we are the company dealing in a complete removal service. Our company was established in 1996 in Belgrade, and we have been engaged in this kind of business ever since.

We provide removal services for apartments, offices, warehouses, houses and embassies within and outside of the city! Removal may include complete loading and unloading of belongings, workers included, preparation of belongings for the removal, dismantling of units impossible to transport otherwise, mounting thereof in the new space, complete organization of work, obtaining of the licences necessary in order to provide such services within the strict city center, as well as the provision of necessary packing material.

Years of success in this work and a high professional level enable each removal task to be carried out without problems and to the mutual pleasure, since only a satisfied client will engage you again !


Relocation of pets, large plants, aquariums, wall-hung units, safes, various machines, Electric heaters, pianinos, large mirrors etc.

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We know it is important for customers to have confidence in the team that is moving their belongings, so we make sure that our people are the best. Our removal team are knowledgeable, professional, skilled and efficient. All new recruits have previous removals experience and undergo a comprehensive in-house training programme before starting to work with our customers.

rent a vehicle with driverVehicles rental

If, for any reason, you would prefer to relocate or transfer certain belongings by yourself, but you do not have an appropriate vehicle, you can rent a vehicle with a driver. Calculation of per kilometer, tour or hourly.

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