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Today, furniture is made of separate parts, because such production is cheaper while transportation and mounting are easier, but they stillrequire a trained person.If you happen to run into a problem when dismantling a piece furniture: bed, closet, table, cupboard, kitchen, shelf or something else, do not worry. We have the tools and know how to dismantle or mount all furniture.

Prices of furniture dismantling depend upon many factors such as: number of elements a piece of furniture contains, the manner such pieces are joined together, the size and weight of pieces etc. We can give you the removal price offer the first time we come to your place to agree on the removal.

Fitted furniture production

Professional fitted furniture production, project making, design, presentation, manufacture and mounting. All in one place ! Information on phone number: 0607354323

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If you don't want to pack, just relax and we'll take care of it.
Whether a removal will be successful depends on good work organization. One of the important segments of organization is preparation of household furniture and furnishing for removal. Packing is the most important task within the preparation. It includes the provision of packing material, sorting out and protection of belongings and the packing itself.

Through ou-3 practice we have learnt that the protection of belongings is the most important segment of packing. That is why we use only the means confirmed as good. We coat dishes and glassware with three-millimeter sponge sheets; vases, mirrors etc. with air bubble foil; books, footwear and various shelf and cupboard contents in boxes (namely, only new five-layered ones – since only such boxes are solid enough to sustain carrying around and stacking in a vehicle).

If this sounds too complicated, you should let us do it all and you should spend that time on some important and nice moments

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